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Finale Ligure is composed of four villages: Finalborgo, Finalmarina, Finalpia and Varigotti.
And it is partly due to this that it encompasses several uniquely distant activities.
You can decide whether to enjoy family and children's entertainment in the streets of the town
or immerse yourself in the world of outdoor sports, from the daredevil plunge down the hill on MTBs to the more leisurely trekking on unique trails. Or you can visit the numerous historical and archaeological sites...
or simply bask in the sun on the shoreline of a beautiful beach.


The hotel is about a 6-minute walk from the nearest beach and less than 10 minutes from the beaches of Castelletto - San Donato, renowned for their suggestive grey sand, with a few pebbles towards the shoreline, and washed by a beautiful crystal-clear sea.
Our hotel is concerted with a number of bathing establishments interspersed with wide open beaches.

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Dating back to the 2nd century AD, it is a popular tourist destination. We recommend the Baia dei Saraceni with its unforgettable crystal-clear waters and colourful fish fauna. We are convinced it will leave you pleasantly surprised. To get there, simply take bus 40, direction Savona, from the Via Aurelia stop, Castelletto (about 5 min. away) and get off 4 stops later at Varigotti - Piazza Ulivi.

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Elected most beautiful village in Italy in 2004, Finalborgo is one of the four villages, together with Finalmarina, Finalpia and Varigotti, that make up Finale Ligure. Finalborgo is famous for hosting numerous handicraft shops and has become a point of interest for numerous hikes and mountain bike tours in the Finale Ligure hinterland, as well as a meeting point for all climbing enthusiasts who find their ideal destination within the walls of this village. To reach Finalborgo from the hotel, simply take bus 31, direction Finalborgo, which stops at the beginning of Via Bolognani, less than 50 metres from the hotel.

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Finale Ligure is internationally known for outdoor sports activities. Mountain biking, free climbing, sailing, caving and hiking are just some of the sports that can be practised in the Finale Ligure area. Bikers come from all over the world to pedal on paths overlooking the sea; climbers aspire to scale the crags that have written the history of the discipline. Everyone can admire the beauty of breathtaking panoramas on nature walks, and water sports enthusiasts can experience the sea all year round thanks to sailing, surfing and stand-up paddle boarding.

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Hotel Villa Chiara:
Via Abate Bolognani, 12
Finale Ligure (SV)